In the '90s, there was an extremely vague understanding of martial arts. At the mention of this term, people immediately imagined a man in a kimono, who turns turntables and smashes boards to pieces. Before the UFC, no one in the street could have imagined that an ordinary school wrestling coach could be a master of martial arts.

Dan Severn has made an invaluable contribution to the development of MMA. Daniel Dewayne Severn was born on June 8, 1958. He is not only a mixed martial arts fighter, but also a former wrestler. He became famous for participating in UFC fights when it was just beginning to emerge.

Unfortunately, at present, few people know about this person. But he was a legend in his day. He set a record of victories – he has as many as 127 fights on his account, of which he won 101!

He turned the world of MMA and proved a lot. He showed to everyone that MMA.Dan Severn has extensive experience in Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling.  "Beast "won the" All American " title about four times, participating in the fight from the state of Arizona. Dan worked part-time as a head coach at the school. And during his career, he won many titles and awards.

Dan started from the very bottom and was able to achieve the fact that he became a world-class fighter who participated in UFC fights.

He made his debut in 1994 as part of the UFC 4 tournament. After his first fight, Severn entered the hearts of many viewers, thereby gathering his fans.

In the final of the UFC 4 tournament, Dan Severn lost the fight to Royce Gracie.

But at the next tournament, which as part of UFC 5, Dan Severn won and became the champion. The next time he becomes a champion at UFC 9.

Dan was the Manager of his friend-don fry, who, in turn, was the champion of UFC 8.

Already in 1999, "Beast" founded the MMA championship, which was named "the Danger Zone." Severn also took part in their tournament.

UFC 5 Free Fight: Dan Severn vs Dave Beneteau (1995)

Career in wrestling

Dan, "the Beast" Severn, was also a wrestler. He played in many Championships. In 1995, they joined the NWA and defeated Chris Candido, the reigning champion. This victory earned Severn the NWA title, which He held for the next four years.


Dan, the Beast" Severn, was 187.96 centimeters tall and weighed 114.76 kilograms. He competed only in the heavyweight category.On his account for the entire professional career in MMA, there are 127 matches held. Of which 101 are twins, 19 are losses and seven fights that ended with a "Draw" result.

Of the 101 wins, he won by knockout in 17 matches, and 24 wins by the decision of the judges. Also, 60 wins with the help of a submissive. Of the 19 defeats, he lost only three due to knockout, in 7 fights-by decision of the judges, and 9-by submission.

Dan Severn on Ken Shamrock 2019 Match


Unfortunately, few people now remember such a terrific fighter as Dan "the Beast" Severn. But his name is still in the history of such sports like mixed martial arts (MMA).

Dan Severn is a legend. At the time, he by soldiers took an example from him. His fans watched his every fight and looked forward to the matches. His fight statistics are genuinely fascinating because no one has won 101 since 1958, except Dan "the Beast" Severn.

Some fans notice that he also had gaps in tactics – he never learned how to fight in a stand. But this did not prevent him from winning victory after victory, retreating only in some cases.

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