What time is it best to drink it? What to flavor and sweeten? What is the daily rate of coffee, and do I need something to eat every refreshing? Where is it best to store its taste, and aroma remains the same possible? Why not lean on it before going to bed? Let's figure it out together!

Coffee in the morning

The very beginning of the day is the perfect time to make coffee. It's all about a person's daily biorhythms. In the morning, our blood pressure is usually low, because the body has not yet woken up, the heart and blood vessels are dormant and do not hurry to adjust to the business mood. It's time to help them with this! It is here that a hot, fragrant Cup comes to the rescue to shake yourself up.it is exceptionally pleasant to take an of cheerfulness in the early hours, just before work or school. Especially if you have a strenuous mental or physical work when a lot of energy or emotions will 

It is not surprising that people of different professions start their day with coffee, where attention, memory, concentration, or muscle strength are valued. The optimal time for a positive-charging SIP is 6–8 am, but always in the morning and even "in the morning." I wonder why. Read on!

Why is coffee served with water?

It would seem that the answer is obvious: to set off the noble bitterness in the taste, as well as not to get burned while drinking a hot SIP. But this is only at first glance. Indeed, water helps both to emphasize the relish and to cool down in case of something. But its primary purpose is to protect our stomach from an emergency release of hydrochloric acid, which necessarily occurs when we drink something intense and hot at the same time. Water dilutes the acid in the stomach, making it less concentrated and safe for the walls.

Also, the life-giving moisture drunk after coffee serves as a kind of toothbrush, protecting our enamel from the coloring pigment contained in coffee beans. When you drink coffee, you keep your smile white and your coating active. And on a summer day or just in a hot room, a SIP of cool life-giving moisture significantly improves your health and mood.

Why can't I drink coffee with milk?

 Families, there is milkman next to the Turk and the coffee pot, everything for making your favorite drink is at hand. It seems that the combination of milk and coffee is perfect, it makes the taste softer, and every SIP is more satisfying. That's just this gourmet meal that can not be called useful. Milk protein, when it gets into a hot liquid, immediately collapses, it seems to be brewed together with coffee. As a result, the milk by the gastrointestinal tract, and after half an hour, severe indigestion may begin. Just imagine: such an embarrassment can happen at a party, on a date or business negotiations Scary, right? Flavor the drink with high-calorie cream due to the saturated fatty acids in the composition, this product does not break down into amino acids directly in the mug and does not cause fights in the stomach.

Why can't I drink coffee on an empty stomach?

We all know that coffee improves your appetite. It is necessary to take a, and now I want to eat, then in the morning, many little people use to cram something into themselves. That's just it can be fraught with ulcers because the gastric mucosa is very tender, as well as a sharp jump in blood pressure because, without additional food, coffee will quickly get into the blood and narrow the vessels.  can cause a headache, darkening of the eyes, and a strong heartbeat

After all, everything is good in moderation, as well as coffee, which is worth drinking, just having a snack before it. It doesn't have to be a full two-course meal or even a hearty Breakfast-it's enough to eat a cracker, bread toast, sandwich, or any sweet muffin. If you don't like sugar, you should make a few canapes with cheese and pickles: capers, a piece of pickled cucumber, or dried tomato.

Why can't I have coffee at night?

It seems to be self-evident: any drink containing caffeine does not allow you to fall asleep half the night. The body suddenly wakes up, and instead of sweet dreams comes the waking phase as if the clock is the height of the day. Also, fact coffee excites, due to a sharp contraction of blood vessels, and even in a horizontal position, dizziness, tinnitus, or even migraine may begin.

Therefore, you should treat yourself to your favorite drink no later than 3-4 hours before bedtime, and it is better even earlier. If on a holiday or an important business meeting you had to drink coffee late at night, then at home you should drink a couple of glasses of water, and then take a walk before going to bed – the liquid will dilute the caffeine in the blood, and fresh air will relieve spasm of blood vessels, calm the nerves and lower blood pressure.

The choice of flavor and type of coffee

The taste and aroma of coffee depend on its type. For example, a strong and pleasantly bitter Robusta contains almost twice as much caffeine and chlorogenic acid, but a more delicate, noble, and expensive Arabica includes a lot of lipids and sugars. By mixing these two traditional varieties, you can get an espresso with an Arabica-Robusta ratio of 60/40 or a ristretto with an Arabica-Robusta ratio of 10/90.

These two types of coffee allow you to feel like a real Barista right at home, changing the percentage of grains and pleasing friends and family with new and new flavors of the beloved drink: fruit acidity, tart-fresh shade or creamy notesBut, of course, the magic of coffee is not only in its variety but also depends on how to cook it.

Rules for cooking and drinking

There are three most common types of coffee brewing: in a Turk on the stove, in a geyser coffee maker similar to an electric kettle, or a particular coffee processor. Coffee machines, in turn, can grind grain themselves, cook only ground coffee, or " eat " exclusively capsules – both branded and adapted.

If you do not overpay for color and design, you can buy a high-quality and durable Turk literally for the price of a couple of kilograms of coffee!

The experience of hand-brewing coffee comes with time and practice, and the main secret here is to have time to notice the boiling and raising of the foam in time to quickly remove the Turk from the fire, thereby avoiding the" escape " of the precious drink. Sometimes beginners mark the cooking time by seconds, but the easiest way is to keep your eyes on the surface of the coffee – and then the taste and aroma will be excellent, and the stove will not have to.

When to drink black coffee?

The optimal time stiff drink additives are in the middle of the day, concentration attention falls. It would seem that coffee "without anything" is better to drink in the morning to instantly Wake up. That's just a shock dose of caffeine without cream, sugar or honey can cause a sharp spasm of blood vessels that have not yet woken up, as well as provoke pain in the stomach.

Therefore, the best time for a drink "black" is lunch. After a hearty meal, it's nice to finish the day's meal with a few SIPS of black drink: in the cold season, it will warm you up, and in the heat, it will help you refresh and recharge with joy until the evening. If you want to drink your favorite hot mug after 18 hours, then the drink should be whitened by adding a spoonful of condensed milk, cream, or even coconut flour-it will be unusual, but very tasty and moderately sweet. People who monitor weight and cholesterol should use vegetable cream, which is much less caloric than those that are of animal origin.

The rate of coffee per day

Many coffee drinkers measure their favorite drink exclusively with cups. Here are just some people who prefer to drink stronger, and others heartily dilute the coffee with water. Therefore, we will specify the norm in terms of pure caffeine so that it will be more objective and much more honest. An adult should consume no more than 100-200 mg at a time. A maximum of 2-3 such servings is allowed per day! So we came to the usual for many two mugs a day – and this is correct.

As you know, the best is the enemy of all good, and even in the favorite pleasures and daily rituals, you need to know the measure. They cheered up in the morning, improved their performance during the day, and gave their heart and blood vessels a rest before going to bed. Moreover, since coffee will not be able to get bored and bored, after waking up, you will want to feel the divine taste and inspiring aroma of the drink again, and not just pour in "something" to Wake up. After all, a coffee meal and inviting expectations are, above all else!

How to store coffee beans

If you purchased coffee that was roasted right in front of you, then make sure that the Barista poured it into a Kraft paper bag with valves that release hot steam and help keep the grains dry. Otherwise, the coffee can get mildew. But already cooled down fragrant seeds are best kept in an opaque plastic package with a ziplock, since it practically does not pass light, air, heat, and foreign odors. And thanks to the modern lock, you can easily open and close the pack as much as you need. This "lightning" will not disperse and will not break, and it will not be able to get into pests, which means that the coffee will be under reliable protection.

Any dark plastic or glass jar with a screw-off lid will also work. Store grains in dry place sources of dampness — best kitchen Cabinet on the closing shelf next to odorless and baked products.

What time to drink coffee in the morning?

"Morning is never good, only coffee helps!"- this ironic motto was invented by witty students rushing to an early exam. And indeed, when you do not want to take your head off the pillow, it is that the invigorating smell of noble Arabica can lift us out of bed. It is best to enjoy coffee at 7 am, or an hour earlier or later. It's too early to do this because caffeine is a reasonably heavy load on the cardiovascular system, which is just throwing off.

If the situation is urgent for example, a driver who is leaving for a night flight needs to Wake up quickly, or a security guard before duty, then an unscheduled coffee intake must be accompanied by fatty food and a glass of water, later the caffeine will be released more slowly – and its action will last for a long time. And, of course, coffee should be ground, not soluble, because it is natural, and therefore more useful and safe for our health.

What time to drink coffee in the afternoon?

A coffee break, i.e., a break for taking this Royal drink, is made in high society very often – whether it is a summit, a business meeting, or a solemn reception at the royal personages. As a rule, this happens from 11 to 14 hours or simply put, in the afternoon-after Breakfast and before lunch. This time by chance: doctors and physiologists have noticed that it is at this time that people lose their concentration, the first signs of hunger appear. The blood glucose level drops, so some people become lethargic, while others become more irritable. Avoid this, and it is essential to drink sweet coffee in time, having a snack on a sandwich, cookies, or some fruit. It is enough to keep you from feeling tired and exhausted until dinner.

It is especially important to remember this for employees of responsible work of high risk: drivers of vehicles, drivers, pilots, operators of tower cranes, after all, a cheerful person is an attentive and accountable employee, and coffee is not just a drink, but a faithful assistant in all our Affairs and undertakings!

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