Very beginning of the development of sports, marketing-sponsorship agreements and offers were enough for them to by marketers.

But against the background of the fact that the number of sports events in Russia is growing from year to year, for example, the Confederations Cup was held in 2017, the World Cup in 2018, and the XXIX Winter Universiade in 2019. This year's Club World Cup beach soccer, developing not only the sports industry but also increases the hope for significant investment on the part of potential sponsors in a variety of activations associated with the sport.

Also, with the growth of the sports industry, new advertising communication channels for sports clubs and brands are developing. Creates a platform that creates new opportunities for these clubs and brands to interact with their fans.

Image of women in sports

The Nielsen Sports report says that 84% of fans of all sports believe that the female representation in games looks more "inspiring" and "progressive" than the male one. Many believe that the male image is more material and "money-oriented".

These figures show the public's receptivity to women's sports, thanks to such indicators - marketers can safely use this image to communicate with fans and fans.

Over the past three years, the image of women in sports has been increasingly appearing in advertising for major sports brands.

For example, Nike launched an ad "What our girls are made of," which showed a beautiful female image, a woman's participation in different sports, and her achievements.

Consumers today want brands to reflect the equality and integration of different images, both male and female.

Therefore, it makes sense for commercial brands to benefit from the female consumer market.

Also, this point of reference to the fact that women have recently increased demand for sports, which gives additional motivation to create a favorable environment among the female audience for marketers.

In the early stages of developing virtual and augmented reality technologies, there are examples of teams and brands using existing platforms such as Snapchat or Instagram to create exciting stories outside of stadiums, outside of events. In Russia, this trend is just beginning to come, but if we consider the world market, an excellent example of how in 2017 FC Bayern Munich created a fun interface for fans, where they could virtually immerse themselves in the game with such star players of the team as Manuel Neuer or Arjen Robben. This feature has been available to fans through the app, which was also able to personalize the codes. Thanks to this initiative, the club's revenues have increased several times.

Social network

Sports teams and athletes must be aware of the importance of maintaining their social networks to create their fan communities and use them to attract brands/advertise the club. Social networks such as Instagram and Twitter are a space where you can develop and support fan communities and support sports events. This main advertising space can also present a humanized version of athletes and allow fans to have round-the-clock access to the sport. Instagram stories and live streams allow athletes and teams to share exclusive content with their followers. Fans can ask live questions, which makes them closer to their idols, closer to sporting events. Also, in addition to athletes, today, there are several influencers, sports bloggers who prepare fresh content every day for their fans in the framework of a particular sport in which they understand.

This activity creates an affinity between sports stars, influencers, bloggers, and their fans and allows brands to sponsor these activities, projects actively, and posts.


The popularity of eSports has been proliferating, and sports teams do not lose sight of this. In particular, the format has proved popular among football teams, as their millions of fans regularly play Fifa video games.

If we talk about eSports in general, the International Olympic Committee sees the development of eSports disciplines and allows them to appear among Olympic sports. Let's hope that shortly the Olympic games will start with our favorite computer games.

Such significant indicators suggest that eSports will remain one of the dominant trends in real sports for many years to come. 

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